Kids and Sexual Assault Victims Don’t Need Insurance In Oregon

In Oregon, it is understood that both children and sexual assault victims are entitled to more care than the average person, and therefore there are health programs to assist them.

Healthy Kids:

For children, there is health insurance available. This insurance, called Oregon’s Healthy Kids, is an initiative of the Oregon Health Authority. This was started in 2009 and offers no-cost or low-cost insurance to uninsured children ages 0-18. When kids have insurance, they are much more likely to receive the healthcare they need to grow up strong and healthy. This is a benefit to everyone, especially parents who worry about healthcare for their children.

The original goal was to make sure at lease 80,000 uninsured kids received health insurance. Now, there are over 90,000 kids that did not have insurance who do, so the program is extremely successful.

Many parents have health insurance through their workplace, but the added expense of having children on these policies can be overwhelming for parents. With Healthy Kids the options are no longer expensive healthcare versus no healthcare. This releases parents from the burden of having to decide when their children really need medical attention – they can let their kids see medical providers as needed.

Sexual Assault Victims Emergency Response Fund:

Sexual assault is among the worst crimes it is possible to commit. Unfortunately, many sexual assault victims feel ashamed and embarrassed after, and reluctant to seek medical attention. But for those that do seek medical advice, the added stress of paying for the doctor’s visits can be the last straw. Luckily, in Oregon we have SAVE, the Sexual Assault Victims’ Emergency Response Fund to ensure that medical care is available to them.

Sexual assault, if you are unfamiliar with the term, can refer to:

– Indecent exposure
– Rape and attempted rape
– Incest
– Sexual harassment
– Inappropriate touching
– Child molestation
– Voyeurism

Anyone, regardless of gender or age, can be a victim of sexual assault. It is important to seek prompt medical attention, and with SAVE costs do not need to be a concern.

Why We Care About Healthy Kids and SAVE:

As personal injury lawyers in Portland, Oregon we specialize in both child injury and sexual assault cases. We work with clients who have been injured to receive compensation for damages and medical bills. We know how hard it can be to deal with the stress of medical bills, and we also know how important good treatment can be. So we are hoping by educating people in our community about the programs available that we are working toward a better world.

Joshua Shulman is a highly-esteemed personal injury lawyer in Portland, Oregon. He has first-hand experience with many different types of injuries, and has made it his goal to prevent as many injuries as possible with his safety guides and resources.

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