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Wazan kam karne ke totke

Shahzad Roy’s Rab Jane was stumbled by his sickness but then bursts the into flames while Karavan’s Gardish appears to have all of a sudden grabbed and was sold like hot-cakes. Schahzad Mughal’s Jhoom Lay was a standout amongst the most charming of amazements of the year.

That is the issue that everybody is discussing at this moment. We are all upbeat that Bin Laden is gone and the driving force of fear won’t be strolling around to threaten the world any more, however many inquiries have sprung up since the uplifting news of his passing.

What sort of part did Pakistan play in this? Is it accurate to say that they are companions or adversaries? Are their kin that we can trust to work with in our proceeded with endeavors in the war on psychological oppression? How about we lie this full scale on the table and investigate this guide we have before us.

After 9/11, Osama Bin Laden turns into the main psychological militant on the planet. The biggest man chase in mankind’s history starts. He keeps running into the slopes and gives in of Afghanistan and this wait-and-see game with the US starts.