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Pakistan has been led by men in uniform for a large portion of that period. Notwithstanding when the men in uniform have not sat in the Presidents seat, still their impact is unimaginable to any other individual.Pakistan accomplished flexibility in 1947 alongside India.

Mohammad Ali Jinnah the author of Pakistan had a great vision of majority rules system, however it fell with his passing. The period after his passing was one of political precariousness. The general population of Pakistan were getting bolstered up and to top it the Pakistan leader was shot dead. In such a situation the principal Pakistan Military lead was introduced.

The primary military despot was General (later so called Field Marshal) Ayub Khan.Ayub Khan was a course mate of General Cariappa and had cut his teeth in Burma as a major aspect of the Chamar regiment (however later he guaranteed he was from the Punjab regiment).

The period before Ayub assumed control was one of precariousness and no administration. Costs had shot up and the general population of Pakistan were searching for a friend in need.In 1958 Ayub alongside Iskandar Mirza done a military Coup.

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