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There were arrangements to make a Palazzo del Cinema, a fabulous review zone for celebration participants that was huge and sumptuous. The venture turned out to be bloated to the point that it came up short on cash, leaving a gigantic pit that had been burrowed for development. Barbera is regulating the filling of the pit notwithstanding a littler, downsized recreation of the present grounds where the movies are seen. He sees the move as an extraordinary open door for the revered rivalry.

The Venice Film Festival is an incredible approach to begin discussions about the movies before the bigger Toronto Film Festival starts in September. Notwithstanding the Golden Lion, the Silver Lion honor is given to the best executive of the movies gone into rivalry, and the Volpi Cups honors are given to the best on-screen character and on-screen character from the screened motion pictures.

Every year, the jury grants maybe a couple Special Jury Prize. The Golden Osella is for specialized patrons, for example, writers, cinematographers and screenwriters. Before 1942, the honors were known as the Mussolini Cups, named after then-tyrant Benito Mussolini. At the point when his administration fell amid WWII, 

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