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New Sweet Love Whatsapp status 2018 | Sorry cute love status

The stock market has plummeted. Credit markets have collapsed. The U.S. Government has agreed, mostly against the will of the people, to a $700 billion dollar bailout that many are now realizing has caused more harm than good. To make matters worse, the global economies are beginning to fail as this crises appears to be spreading. People are beginning to panic as they lose control of their finances. Questions arise such as, “Will my money be safe in the bank? How will I be able to endure this economic crises? Will I still have a job? Where should I invest my money?” While I do not claim even a shred of economic expertise I felt it was necessary to mention a few key points that should have been common practice all along. It is high time for America to return to its humble roots. Materialism, cheap credit, and an unbridled passion to not only have what our neighbors have but downright out do them has placed us, as a people and a nation in an extremely compromised position. Come to think of it, somewhere I heard it was a sin to covet your neighbors possession. I just can’t place my finger on where I read that…… Oh yeah, I remember now, it was the Ten Commandments. (Note: We probably forgot about them since the liberals have worked endlessly to remove the 10 commandments from every aspect of our society.) Anyway below is a quick list of what should be common sense financial tips:

  • Never, ever spend more than you make!
  • Create a budget, track your spending, and stick to your plan.
  • Forget the Jones’- you are not in a competition. Who cares how big their TV is!
  • Save, save, save- Without savings you will not be able to endure an emergency
  • Never, ever finance a new car. Save the money and buy only what you can afford.
  • Destroy your credit cards now! If you can’t pay cash or save for it, you don’t need it.
  • Turn your investments to cash now- If you trust the talking heads you WILL LOSE MORE MONEY.
  • Invest in what you really need- Food, Clothes, Supplies. If there truly is a global collapse your dollars will be worthless but your food will fill your belly.
  • Remove the idea of retirement from your mind- they have already looted the treasury. There will be nothing left for you.

Remember, there are entire industries devoted to your inability to live within your means. They want your hard, earned money. Now is the time to stop shopping for the latest gadget and start saving for the eminent collapse.Without your money the financial empires will collapse. The stock brokers, life insurance companies, banks, and others all depend on you working your ass off and handing the sweat of your brow over to them so that they can enrich themselves with your life’s ambition. DO NOT GIVE THEM YOUR MONEY.

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These organizations care nothing for you or your families. Instead pay off your debts; you should make a debt free lifestyle your goal. Purchase emergency supplies to ensure that you will be able to feed and care for your family should this situation get out of control. It is time to tighten our belts America and stop spending every dime we make. Break free of their credit-giving tentacles and wrestle control of this country from the hands of these crooks and liars. Without your money, they will collapse and end up like the majority of Americans tonight- Poor and struggling to make ends meet.

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