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Necessary Accessories For The Home Bar

As with any product purchased by a consumer there are a number of additional accessories that are needed to complement the basic purchase. For example, if an individual purchases a flat screen television, there are a number of cables, video devices, cable provider, etc. that are needed to maximize the flat screen TV purchase.

The purchasing off a home bar is no different. Therefore, to complete the joy of a home bar there are certain accessories that need to be purchased to insure a good experience for not only the host or hostess but the guests as well that utilize the home bar.

The reason you bought your home bar in the first place is undoubtedly because you understand what it can do for the of the socially interactive aspect of your get-togethers with friends and family. This happens when you can easily offer them alcoholic and non-alcoholic beverages, both plain and exotic. The first thing one must do in accessorizing the home bar, then, is to make sure that the bar is always fully stocked with the traditional spirits. These spirits will include whiskey, rum, vodka, scotch, tequila, gin and brandy.

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The mixers for the cocktail drinkers are also important and should always be on hand in the home bar. Some of the standards are cola, juices the likes of tomato, orange, cranberry, pineapple, lemon and lime, ginger ale, lemon-lime soda, tonic water, dry vermouth and soda.

Additionally, in order to properly blend the various types of drinks that can be enjoyed it is important to have the proper tools. Some of those tools could include a blender, a shaker for cocktails and swizzle sticks.

Next comes the glassware to serve the drinks in style. This would be a variety including red and white wine glasses, beer steins and pilsner glasses, highball glasses, martini glasses, shot glasses and perhaps brandy snifters and mugs for those hot toddies in winter.

Another must for a functional home bar unit is the purchase or availability of a cocktail instruction book. A quality cocktail instruction book will inform the “bartender” on how to make the perfect cocktail. A functional cocktail instruction book would be alphabetized, state the ingredients needed for the mixed drink, provide the steps to be taken in preparing the cocktail and have a picture of what the drink should look like once all the instructions have been completed. Additionally, a usable cock tail instruction book located within the home bar should have an index so that the individual preparing the drink can easily refer to the index and go right to the page where the instructions are listed.

Miscellaneous gadgets that will be appreciated by both bartender and guests of the home bar are bottle openers, coasters, pourers to put on the top of bottles to get a smooth pour with little mess and straws. A really popular drink nowadays is the margarita. The home bar inventory, therefore, should also include a margarita glass rimmer to evenly distribute the salt around the rim of the glass.

It is important that you have a plentiful supply of ice for your drinks. Most people will want their drinks to be icy cold, particularly in the summer, but year-round as well. You will also need a place to properly store garnishes like olives, cocktail onions, limes, lemons cherries, and so on. A mini freezer/refrigerator would be a great asset to have either in your bar or within easy access.

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