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Milkiness Found in Diamonds

An extremely important factor in diamonds in the milkiness present inside of the crystal of any given stone. Milkiness is not one of the 4 Cs but can greatly change the look of the diamond and the amount of sparkle and brilliance a diamond will exhibit.

Milkiness in a diamond looks like it sounds. You will see what seems to be a white cloud inside the diamond. This cloud will inhibit the light performance in many cases. This is very bad and will trade on the market at a discount. Many uneducated diamond buyers will think they are getting a deal, but in reality they are buying an inferior diamond that a manufacturer is just trying to get rid of.

The best way to judge the milkiness of a given diamond is in person. Without actually seeing the diamond at different angles and different natural light, it would be very difficult to get a true idea of what the diamond looks like. It is very easy with today’s technology to change the brightness, hues, saturation etc in order to make the diamond look more clear. Also, most diamond photos found online are taken with optimal lighting to make sure even a diamond with little brilliance shows to have a lot of brilliance.

With the advent of digital photography and various video and photography techniques, it is very easy to conceal the milkiness present in the diamond online. This is why it SO IMPORTANT to work with only trustworthy jewellery retailers that are going to inspect each diamond for you to insure a given stone has no milkiness; among other factors.

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Trust is so important, and in many cases this trust is abused. There is no magic in the diamond and jewellery business. If a deal seems ‘too good to be true’, it most likely is. Diamonds trade on the market based on many factors. Milkiness is a definite factor that is very carefully looked at by skilled diamond buyers. Once we reach the retail level, many jewellers omit this info in order to make a quick sale or disguise a diamond as a ‘great deal’. These are the guys to avoid. But how?

Make sure you do you homework. Only work with someone who has a track record of excellence. By this I mean a person who truly takes the time to point out or vet all of the factors necessary in order to make sure your engagement ring, pendant, earrings or any other piece comes out absolutely perfectly.

There is nothing better than a piece of jewellery that comes together just perfectly.

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