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Live caller asked

Wake up Molvi Saabs, you must be on your toes the way you are dynamic on the event of Eid-Ul-Adha, hunting down Qurbani ka Bakra’s way to entryway). Turn on the amplifiers of your mosques; while you lecture don’t help us to remember our wrong doing. Yes I know it is a direct result of our wrong doings that we are struck by surges and seismic tremors however let past be former or we can talk about this later.

The time has come to act. Please some individual needs to make an interpretation of this to our Molvi Sahiban. Furthermore, one more critical thing, Ramadan is ahead so satisfy no battles about moon locating for the love of all that is pure and holy. Correspondingly,

Dr Sahiban are additionally asked for to gather medications for the plague caused by the surges from the pharmaceutical organizations who have sucked the blood of this country, making a large number of benefit each year, sending troops of troops to another country for gatherings,

courses and orchestrating global family trips for their unruly accomplices (with statement of regret from those we have not been on these treks ever, great folks are rejected and I am requesting that the great ones gather gifts despite the fact that if awful ones needs to go along with, they are not restricted).

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