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khuwaja sara ka janaza kaise

God deny, if any war occurred amongst Pakistan and the United States, we will remain by Pakistan,” Mr. Karzai said a meeting communicate Saturday on Pakistan’s Geo broadcasting company. “In the event that Pakistan is assaulted and if the general population of Pakistan required Afghanistan’s assistance, Afghanistan will be there with you.”

Affirm along these lines, an associate of mine solicits me what I thought from that article, and in the event that I read it. My answer was; yes, to be sure, it is fairly tragic information disclosed, and yes, it bothered me to peruse that in the Wall Street Journal, but then.

I think it may have been taken outside of any relevant connection to the subject at hand, and the media had a “field day” with it, as continually making discussion for it. Keep in mind that was a 53-minute meeting and that was two or three sentences taken from right around a hour of cross-talking, ponderous inquiries questions.

Karzai, as much as his legislative issues trouble me, I understand he is in reality an ace controlling legislator, a major fish in a little lake, he’s politically shrewd, and plays all sides against the center and changes sides spontaneously.

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