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Fabiha Shirazi Teenage

Returning to Islam, what confuses me is that despite the fact that other significant religions like Christianity deduce lesser status on ladies, most Christian social orders the world over don’t dole out an unequal status to ladies today. Truth be told there some who joke laws have now turned out to be out of line to men and men are the new ladies.

Be that as it may, why do the western and different social orders don’t and Islamic social orders do treat ladies shamefully? As this article about Islam’s treatment of ladies calls attention to, why disparage ladies by saying that their declaration is half as commendable as a man’s in court? Why does she (the little girl of a Muslim) acquire just half as much as a child?

Why does Islam acknowledge polygamy yet then not acknowledge polyandry? Why have Muslim Generals in the past sent 15000 assault casualties to imprison while liberating their attackers saying they ( the ladies who were assaulted) incited the assaults somehow and accusing them of sex?

Why have Muslim ladies been stoned to death for demonstrating their countenances? Why are such a variety of Muslim ladies still kept secured from make a beeline for toe day and night? Why do Muslim ladies have basically no political rights in half of the Islamic states?

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