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Ehm Tareen Shakhsiat Ne

So dissimilar to the CDs and DVDs of today where there are no issues with the quality that you get the chance to watch. Be that as it may, by one means or another, recalling that it today, one some place in his heart wishes for those little scratch bothers that the present over-consummate world has completely wiped out:(

What’s more, how might one overlook that “Counter” you had in those days on the VCRs. It was a little three digit counter with rotating dials that demonstrated numbers 0-9 on each dial to speak to the length of the video that had been played:)

Starting from 000 it went ahead to 999 and was such a straightforward and an amazing presentation of how an essential little idea could be put to such germane utilize! It was later supplanted by an advanced counter with the presentation of more upgraded and enhanced VCRs which offered a computerized show. Again it is something or other that influence you to ponder – do we truly require this progression!

Why have we neglected to keep things basic:(In what manner would one be able to ever overlook that sound of a video tape “Rewinding” and that particular “crash” with which it halted or when you squeezed that “Stop” catch! My heart goes out to those times:oops:

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