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A Concise Look at London Hotels

London while famous for its many tourist attractions also is famous in the world for its wonderful and fabulous hotels. There are many options from the very lavish to the cute and quaint to choose from when visiting this historical city.

Most of the hotels in the city are high-class so travelers will not have problems regarding their amenities and services. To avoid experiencing hassles, it is best that travelers make advance bookings with the management of the hotels to enjoy their stay at the city to the fullest.

Known as one of the most advanced and urbanized cities in the world, London contributes 17 percent of the income of entire United Kingdom. This fabulous and beautiful city in England houses elegant as well as stylish hotels to accommodate the great number of travelers that visit the country every year. Because of the presence of attractive hotels in London, the city government highly values its tourism sector since it is one of the major sources of the income of the city.

Origin of Hotels in London City

The establishment and construction of hotels in London City began few years after the 19th century. Many historians agree that wealthy owners of agricultural lands in England stay in some hotels in the city for several months to relax. However, even if there are already hotels during this time, only few people stay in London hotels because transportation infrastructures were not yet developed.

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During the 1860s, railroads were constructed in the city. The construction of railroads in London affected the popularization of London hotels. Because the number of travelers who stayed in London hotels has increased in this decade, many business people built elegant hotels to attract many people. Hence, in 1865 the first London hotel with hydraulic lifts, Langham Hotel, was constructed.

Old London Hotels That Are Still in Business

Good services and attractive room amenities are the reasons why some old hotels in London manage to stay in business up to present times. Aside from efficient services, these hotels always make sure that their guests have comfortable and relaxing rooms to stay. Midland Grand Hotel, Hilton London Paddington, Great Northern Hotel and Landmark Hotel are some of the popular old hotels in London City.

Modern Hotels in London

Studies show that there are more than 100,000 rooms in London hotels today. Many hotels in the city receive three to five stars rating. Travelers who want to see elegant and first class hotels should visit Mayfair, because it is where they can find top rated hotels. Examples of five star hotels in the city are The Ritz, The Savoy, The Four Seasons, The London Hilton and The Renaissance Chancery.

Travelers who want to visit London must make advance reservations with the hotels where they wish to stay since there are times in a year that the population of tourists in the city rapidly increases. Hence, by staying in the alluring and sophisticated hotels in London, travelers will definitely have the greatest and most memorable vacation in their lives.

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