Next was hanging a representation by Dr Musarrat Hassan, another analyst and workmanship antiquarian who can once in a while discover time to paint, however paints. The delicate and unpretentious portrayal of the substance of an elderly lady, with sparkle in her eyes and shine on the wrinkled skin, showed the sharp perception of the craftsman.

Shahnawaz Zaidi, put on demonstrate a reasonable picture of a Tabla Nawaz (Drummer) which appeared photograph practical with emotional light falling upon the sleek hair and over the dress of the model; may likewise be made of silk.

Few remarked on this artistic creation as “dissimilar to Zaidi’s”. Shahnawaz Zaidi is a noteworthy craftsman, who paints with specific thoughts and ideas at whatever point he picks the brush to paint, however in this artwork, it was more ability.

Next was a pure edge by Anila Zulfiqar, a youthful educator and craftsman from University of the Punjab. She, with her delicate pinkish and olive green tinges, painted the surface that resembled “fairyland” however her style proposed the European impressionism of the late nineteenth century.

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