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Adakara Noor ki ronay ki video aa gai

Charsadda and Taxila turned into the focuses of action. One of the best colleges of the old world was established at Taxila. It was at this college that Chandra Gupta Maurya got his instruction, who later established the Maurya Empire in South Asia. This prosperous Achaemenian Empire that stretched out from Pakistan to Greece and Egypt, be that as it may, gave way under the attack of Alexander of Macedonia. Alexander’s Invasion

Alexander entered Pakistan from the northern course at Swat and vanquished the Gandharan area in the vicinity of 327 and 325 BC. He achieved Taxila first. The Raja of Taxila knowing Alexander’s boundless armed force’s notoriety gave him a welcome rather than resistance.

Alexander remained at Taxila for at some point then went over Raja Porus who was the leader of the regions east of Jehlum. He then went up to River Beas from where his armed force declined to go advance, so he then descended through the whole length of Pakistan, crossed the Hub River close Karachi and left for home kicking the bucket in transit. Alexander’s attack conveyed Greek learning and science to Taxila.

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Up till here it is prominent that amid every settlements and intrusions may that be of the Indus Valley Civilization, Aryans or amid the a large portion of a thousand years time span after Aryan’s movements and amid the Persian Empire, Pakistan dependably remained as a different substance from India and the period secured by these settlements is around 2200 years.