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This Actress Tried Suicide

from various foundations. Before I knew it, I was engrossed to the point that I couldn’t help myself however grin. It has been four years in Canada and consistently on the thirteenth of August (only a day prior to Pakistan’s Independence Day), I get myself more nostalgic than any other time in recent memory.

Being in Canada has been a standout amongst the most proceeding with significant excursions of my life. Be that as it may, there is a feeling of instability I feel each time I consider how individuals back in my nation of origin are praising the day Pakistan turned into a free and autonomous country, the way our green and white banner sparkles and catches everyone’s eye with full pride.

By and by, today, on the thirteenth of August, 2015, I wind up drinking some green tea and composing this piece. with full aim that individuals like me, who are sitting miles far from Pakistan, have a comparable feeling as I do. For the benefit of the considerable number of Pakistanis out there (regardless of whether in Pakistan or outside Pakistan),

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I might want to express gratitude toward Brandon for not simply changing the viewpoint of non-Pakistanis but rather for likewise opening the hearts and psyches of Pakistanis who can now observe the nation from another light – a significantly brighter one. Here are a portion of the things HONY (Humans of New York) has demonstrated about Pakistan.