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Climate Change Factoid – How Do We Fix it? – Part Three

Part Two of this Factoid made the claim that the election to use fossil fuels for transport, power and agriculture has proved a very bad decision and that it was the private sector that made it, not the government. Then there was discussion of how government could assure the public that new products introduced in the future can be designed, made and used sustainably at any stage of their product life,e without degrading the environment. And then there was discussion about how that could all be accomplished without heavy government regulation interfering in the activities of entrepreneurs functioning in a free market economy.

These days there are a lot of companies hyping their products or services as “green.” Most of them I don’t believe but, I know that many folks will. How can I, or anyone else, make sure that companies claiming “greenness” are being both accurate and truthful? If we are to achieve sustainability in the way we operate our society, something many believe will be essential to continued survival, we’re going to need a method of encouraging the private sector to pursue this goal – only seriously for a change rather than the lip service we have become used to. One answer could be contained in the operations of a 100 year old business called Underwriters Laboratories.

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If you are a manufacturer of electric appliances to be installed in buildings the device must, by law, have a UL label. The UL label means that Underwriters Laboratories, a huge engineering firm that evaluates such products for the Insurance companies, has determined the product complies with law and can be used safely. Without that label a manufacturer could not acquire Products Liability Insurance and the resulting exposure to risk would prevent the product from ever getting to market. Underwriters Labs has been doing this for over 100 years. Government accepts the label, the public accepts the label, the insurance companies accept the label and the manufacturer only has to deal with UL, not the government. Now we want something new from UL – the “Guaranteed Green” label.

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