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Creative Honeymoon Ideas

One of the finest parts of planning a marriage is deciding where to go for your honeymoon. Gone are the times when couples spend their honeymoon by booking a hotel in an exotic country, sipping exotic drinks. In today’s pocket-pinching times, you would want to get the maximum out of the budget you have for your honeymoon. More than anything, this implies that you would need it to be as remarkable as possible. Here are some creative ideas for you to consider.

Go on a historic tour. If you and your fiancé are the curious type and want to add to your knowledge, try this one. Visit places that are often mentioned in history books. Check out destinations from the American Revolution. Go to India and visit the places that made an impact in Gandhi’s life. Make a journey to the boyhood houses of famous presidents like Lincoln, Carter, and Kennedy. You can even go on a biblical history tour and bring the stories from the Bible to life. Not only will you be learning something new, you will also be sharing this knowledge and these memories with the person you love by your side.

Go on a lighthouse honeymoon. Lighthouses used to be vital aids to navigation, usually found along perilous shores to provide assistance to incoming ships. But due to the arrival of more sophisticated technology, they have become just about obsolete. These structures are still good for a purpose though. Lighthouses are really romantic and isolated places, they’re even settings for two romantic stories and these make them the perfect setting for a honeymoon. Some couples find it very romantic to cuddle up and watch the dawn, sunset, and the blue waves from the best point of view possible. Who knows? You may also be keepers of the light’ and throw in a little adventure to share with your new partner.

Go on a holiday tour. Holiday tours are fun if you and your fiancé are an adventurous couple. Check out the annual world Cherry Blossom holiday in Macon, Georgia. Are not three hundred thousand flowering cherry blossom trees one of the most romantic things ever? The Cannes Film holiday is also a brilliant idea to try out if you are a film-loving couple. This event is held in the dreamy city of Cannes which is in southern France, home to some of the most romantic destinations in the world.

Go on a literary greats tour. Are you and your other half lovers of avid readers? Do you love the classic literary greats? Why not go back in time and travel in the steps of classic authors and poets like William Wordsworth, Charlotte Bronte, Mark Twain, and John Keats. You can go to London, which is home to plenty of these greats. Visit Missouri which was nearly a personality in Twain’s novels. Some of the houses of these writers and poets also double as museums so you can look at original manuscripts and even get a copy of their works. Wander along the trails that inspired these folk to draft some of the greatest stories ever and it will forever be a moment you cherish with the one you love.

Go on a honeymoon mission trip. Lots of folks these days are opting for a different way to celebrate an event by helping out the less lucky. Debutantes and other birthday celebrants would go to an orphanage, for example, to hold their parties there. Why not spend your honeymoon doing something that would benefit others? You could go to a poor country and have interaction with the people there. Learn about their culture and volunteer to join outreach organization activities for a month or two. This would be extremely remarkable because not only are you sharing something serious with each other, you are also doing something that would make an impact in other folks’s lives.

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Your honeymoon days will be some of the most unusual days in your life as a married couple. The places you visit will be great backgrounds for amazing photographs that you can take home with you and reminisce over. You can look back at them even during the bad days and they can actually give you a smile. So don’t stick with something cliché. Become arty; try the tips above or think of your own! Your fiancé will certainly appreciate and reward you for your creativeness.

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