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The Hotel Staff – The Backbone of Operations

The hospitality industry is without question one of the biggest industries worldwide. There are always leisure travelers and businessmen checking in and out of hotels everywhere, every day. But what actually drives the hotel business? It is made up of so many different professions, but it all boils down to one thing: service. That’s why each and every member of the hotel staff is a valuable asset.

The focus of hotels, essentially, lies in providing excellent service. It is very easy to say and to commit to giving the best service possible, but it isn’t an easy undertaking. There’s too much dependence on technology, like when attendants put too much stock in performing tasks on the computer. The personal contact is lost. Still, hotels put a premium on the education and training of their service staff. Having well-trained personnel is the key to achieving success in service.

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Given that argument, it’s no wonder that many people hold the quality of a hotel’s service staff in high regard. For an excellent example of the effectiveness of having staff with character, one only has to look at The Egerton House Hotel, currently reigning over all London hotels when it comes to guest ratings. That’s a stunning feat, considering the size of the luxury hotel (30 rooms). Guests praise the character and the appeal of the personnel, leading to a very relaxing atmosphere that is a great contributing aspect to the overall hotel experience.

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