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Enjoy a Cheap Break in the UK

Are you desperate for a break but don’t feel as if you can afford it? Have you run out of holiday time at work to take a week off?

If that sounds like you then you’ll be pleased to know that even spending just a couple of days away from home can recharge your batteries and leave you feeling ready for anything. People tend to be so intent on booking holidays abroad that they forget just how much Britain has to offer us in the way of sights and scenery, and it doesn’t have to cost a lot of money either.

For example you could visit somewhere in the countryside that offers fresh air, wonderful scenery and plenty of walks to go on. You’d only have to pay for your accommodation and food – and perhaps a new pair of walking boots.

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But having a break doesn’t need to involve heading into the countryside. You could go into one of Britain’s most vibrant cities to see what is on offer – and there are certainly plenty of cities which match that description. Think of Bath, London and Edinburgh to name just three, and you will get an idea of how many diverse and lively cities there are to choose from.

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