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London’s Four Quarters

London is a massive place, and it is split up into several distinct neighborhoods, districts and regions. Whether you’ve spent a lot of time in the city, or are planning on visiting it for the very first time, familiarizing yourself with the flavors of each of its quadrants can help you plan your holiday more effectively. From the north to the south – and from the east to the west – each of London’s four quarters have personalities that are all their own; you can learn more about those characteristics by reading on below.

# North London – Several different districts make up North London. In Bloomsbury, the British Museum lends a refined and cultured air to the area. Mayfair and Marylebone is an upper-crust district that boasts a great deal of well-heeled shopping options. Finally, Soho’s hip, trendy ambiance is the setting for a plethora of boutiques, clubs and bars; the majority of the city’s gay population is settled there. This mishmash of converging characteristics makes North London an intriguing place to explore.

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# South London – The seat of the British government is located in South London, making this a high-traffic area for tourists. Indeed, with Buckingham Palace and Westminster Abbey among the many prime tourist destinations in this part of London, the south section of the city is often very crowded. Throw in the large number of museums in South Kensington and Chelsea – along with the King’s Road and Hyde Park – and it’s plain to see why South London is such a tourist magnet.

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