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Article Writers: Focus & You Will Succeed!

I’m only going to say this once.

This piece of wisdom comes from persuasion research:


And what does this have to do with you if you’re writing articles?

That’s simple. If you write in a limited number of topical areas you’ll be perceived by readers as credible, and therefore, they’ll become putty in your hands.

Well, maybe that second part is overstating it a little.

But you will become more influential with them. They’ll believe you, and they’ll go on to think you’re an expert.

All of which will pay off handsomely if you want to sell them something or to get them to hire you or even if you simply want them to visit your web site.

By the same token it is a mistake to water down your credibility by writing in more than a half-dozen areas, especially if there is no logical relationship among them.

For example, people who write about mortgages, term insurance, and investments might be credible because these topics could all be bundled under one heading: personal finance. In fact, if you have a financial advisor, he or she might very well help you with these products.

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But why write about Scientology, nose hair removal, cheap vacations, and car washes?

At one Ezine site authors can see how they rate with regard to the number of articles they have published in certain areas. It gives me no little pleasure to see that I’m in the top three out of hundreds of authors in a half dozen areas, and I’m number one in the two or three areas that are most relevant to my profession as a sales, customer service, and management consultant.

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