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Salon Insurance – A Must For Every Salon

No matter what type of business you own, you need to have the right type of insurance. It is essential that all businesses carry insurance if they expect to be able to protect themselves from any sort of damages, including fire, theft, and even liability lawsuits. Without insurance, if any of these things happen, for many businesses, it can mean the end of the business, or even bankruptcy. If you are a salon owner or are considering opening up your own salon, it is essential that you have various types of insurance, including property insurance, liability insurance, and even advertising injury insurance. After all, you can never do too much to protect yourself and your business.

Don’t Forget About Liability Insurance

Every business owner needs to have liability insurance in order to protect themselves from a number of things. If you are planning on opening a salon, liability insurance is going to be especially important. For instance, let’s say that someone were to slip and fall on some water near a hair washing station. If they are injured when they fall, they could hold you responsible, and unless you have liability insurance, you are going to have to cover their costs, which can include medical, time missed from work, pain and suffering, and more. Having liability insurance will cover you in the event that anyone, including any of your employees, is injured at your place of business.

Saving Money on Fire Insurance

There are some things you can do to cut back on the price you pay for your insurance premiums. For example, you will need to have fire insurance, but if you take certain steps, your rates will be much lower. Make sure that your entire salon, including the office area, is completely organized, and that there is nothing on the floor that could obstruct an escape path in the event of a fire. Do not have loose papers lying around (if you have a computer system you will probably have little need for paper anyway). Offer training to your employees, such as First Aid, and make sure that you and at least one of your employees is First Aid certified. Have regular fire drills, and clear escape routes posted throughout the building. These are all things that will help to lower your fire insurance premiums.

Location, Location, Location

You have probably heard that there are three things that are incredibly important for the success of any business: location, location, and location. This is actually a lot truer than many people might think. Most people only think about the location of their business in the sense that it is a place that is a high traffic area and they will have a lot of customers. While this may be true, it may also be that the area is also a dangerous one, and this could mean that you are going to have to pay a lot more for business insurance. The more risky the area, the more insurance is going to cost you. Also remember that even if the area is safe, if it is high traffic, insurance rates are going to be higher for this reason alone.

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When you are choosing a location for your business, keep your insurance rates in mind. Try to stay away from areas that are considered to be high risk, while also trying to avoid those areas that are safe but so high traffic that insurance rates are still going to be through the roof. It may be better to set up just around the block from one of these better areas. You will still be in a good part of town, but the insurance rates (and the rent) will not be nearly as expensive. Another advantage to having your business on a quieter street is that there will probably be more parking available for your customers, which will make your business much more accessible to them.

The building you choose to set up your business in will also be a factor in your insurance rates. There are some really amazing older buildings in many states that are awesome places for businesses, but remember, when a building is older, it is going to come with its own unique set of problems, and often, older businesses are much more expensive to insure. Newer buildings may not have the character that older ones do, but they require a lot less in the way of maintenance, and having your office located in a newer building will save you on your insurance premiums.

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