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Lagos: Where the Wine, Music, Dance and All Shades of Life Await You

Lagos, the eastern city with western leisure, is the tourist hub of Nigeria. It is the 7th fastest growing city of the whole wide world and to find out why, you need to book Flights to Lagos.

As the name suggests, Lagos is situated on the coast of Africa. The coastline of Lagos is stretched over 152Km along the Atlantic Ocean and is separated from other islands by creeks. The islands surrounding Lagos are also well developed, well inhibited and well visited. These four islands surrounding the city are Victoria Island, Ikoyi, Iddo Island and Lagos Island. Transportation between these islands is done through ferries, wharves and boats. The road network in Lagos is the most extensive one in West Africa and hence the transportation is not at all a problem here. For International air traffic, Murtala Mohammed International Airport is used through the year. This airport accounts for more than 50% of all air traffic of the country.

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The climate of Lagos is subtropical and receives enough rainfall annually to keep the city lush green and sport the wild life. The average summer temperature here stays under 30 °C and stays above 15 °C in winters. So forget the harsh cold Western Europe weather and back your bags for the sunny bright beaches of Lagos. There is huge cultural diversity present in the city, people from all over Africa and other continents have travelled to Lagos to make it their home land. This cultural diversity allows the foreigners to feel free and comfortable while travelling around. The major sites which attract the travellers are Igreja de Santo Antonio, Slave Market, City Walls, Praia da Batata, Igreja de Sao Sebastiao, Fortaleza da Ponta da Bandeira and Tithe House.

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