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Success For The Average Man – Woman Wisdom of the Ages

If you started to follow Benjamin Franklin’s program of taking one personality trait at a time there will be no limit to what you can accomplish in your life.

To insure success in any field you endeavor in, you will need goal-setting and will power. Plus you will need patience to lick the monotony and drudgery that success demands.

Repetition is Heaven’s fist Law and it is the best teacher. Never neglect the power of repetition. Repeating and re-reading will be your secret weapons for reaching your goals. Most failures in any project, be it painting a picture or creating a fortune is due to lack of patience and persistence.

Take the following golden messages of the Ages and make them your own. Absorb them, internalize them, and make them habits.

Purdue University made tests to show that material read only once is remembered on 2% two weeks later. Read more than once 6% is remembered. We think faster than we read so we have to go back and read the page again. Do it and you will see something the second time that you did not see the first time. If you start to read these wise tips every day, they can build up your confidence, tranquility, and assurance, so that such things as stress and worry can never touch you.

I have written my wise sayings on 3 X 5 cards. Over the years, I have collected over 600 of them.

At night before bed, I sit in my favorite chair, relax and breathe deeply. Then I reach for a stack of my cards and look at them one at a time and say them aloud. Then I put the one I just said on the bottom of the stack.

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I don’t pollute my mind with TV, a cheap novel or the news before bed. This is a sacred time. It is these thoughts and emotions that will by the Law of Attraction, determine where you will travel in your sleep. The higher of lower dream state you will go to.

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