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Making of an Airport Hotel

Perhaps one of the most difficult parts for anyone involved with creating a product profile for a “niche specific” product is to visualize the ultimate product in its totality. Airport hotels are very unique products demanding inputs from business, leisure and investment extension elements tailored in a manner that speed of service delivery is enhanced without compromising the quality. The problem is that often by the time a profile for a technology based product is cast, discussed and agreed, it is time to review it again as technology has trashed that entire one that was agreed.

Before one sits down to define a product profile, three important factors have to be kept in mind, “who will use the product”, “what are the expectations of the user” and what is the scope of applying the principles of “investment extension” to generate additional revenue with marginal addition capital infusion. Naturally your planning must address and satisfy all these factors, keeping always in mind “what our competitors are offering” which adds a challenging dimension to the task.

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Basically, as the term suggests, an airport hotel is used by travelers, those who use the airport for departing and arriving, those who transit through the city and require accommodation from as short as 4 to 6 hours to over a day, and, the airline crew both cabin and cockpit. It is important to mention all these segments as all have different and specific demand on the product. There is yet another segment; some airport hotels also act as a filter to the city, filtering the traffic at the airport itself where the guests may stay for as long as three to four days. These are typically those hotels which have an activity zone attached to it or in the close proximity, like an international convention center or an expo center.

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