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Spending a Hot Yet Thrifty Summer in London

Most of us love heading to the sun during summer months, but the economic climate may be making this a little difficult for those of us affected by the credit crunch – and, unfortunately, that amasses to millions of people. As a result, many of us feel our holiday plans must be cut short: a sad prospect – but there are ways to combat this loss. In the UK and other locations, many people are turning to the idea of holidaying at home – that is, staying in our own country for our trips away. That way, we’re not spending loads on expensive flights and can instead spend our cash on what matters the most: enjoying ourselves while on holiday.

If it’s the sun you’re after this upcoming British summer, you’ll undoubtedly find plenty of it in the UK’s southernmost regions. And, for many, the city is where it’s at – which means London all the way for plenty of British holidaymakers. London is known for being an expensive city, but that definitely doesn’t have to be the case for travellers on a budget. From fairly-priced hotels to the cheapest restaurants, free attractions and well-planned travel arrangements, London can actually be a very thrifty place to be.

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Take, for example, the tens of museums and art galleries that open their doors daily for free. You can see some of the most fascinating museum exhibits or glorious and world-famous paintings without spending a penny and these attractions can easily take up a day of your time. What’s more, as London is such a spreading and beautiful city, there’s often nothing better than simply taking a stroll through its centre. From walks through the park to heading to St James’ Park and Buckingham Palace, you can see so much of London for free.

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