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Cheap Car Insurance Quotes – How to Find Them Online

When was the last time you changed car insurance companies? If you’re like most people, it’s been many years. We tend to choose an insurance company and then stay with it forever. But as with purchasing any product, you need to shop around if you want to find the cheapest car insurance quote. Here’s how to do it the easy way.

Decide What You Want

Fortunately, the Internet makes it easy to find cheap car insurance quotes. However, before you start completing forms and comparing quotes, you should first:

* Decide what coverage limits you want. Most states have minimum limits you need to meet. You can go to your state’s Department of Insurance website to find out what the limits are in your state.

* Decide if you want comprehensive and collision coverage. Collision coverage pays to repair or replace your car after an accident, while comprehensive coverage pays if your car falls victim to a natural disaster, vandalism, or theft. However, both cover only up to the Blue Book value of your car. If your car is over five years old, you may want to drop these coverages altogether.

* If you want comprehensive and collision coverage, decide what deductible you want. The higher your deductible, the lower your premium.

* Think about what discounts you might qualify for. Does your vehicle have an anti-theft device? Can you put your home insurance with the same company so you get a multi-policy discount?

Shop for Quotes

Once you’ve decided what coverage limits and deductibles you want and what discounts you qualify for, it’s time to begin shopping for insurance. Yes, you could pick up the phone and call your local agent. However, by using the Internet, you will get more cheap car insurance quotes in far less time.

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While you can go directly to insurance company websites and get quotes for individual companies, you will get more quotes by going to a “comparison shopping” website. These websites let you type in your vehicle, driver, and other insurance data and get quick quotes. Some even have a chat feature where you can talk with an insurance expert online (see link below).

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