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Security Implications For the London 2012 Summer Olympics

The Security during the 2012 Olympics will really be tightened and will ensure all participants, audience, etc… will be safe in these venue.

Olympics will be starting in no more than 20 months. The United Kingdom will need to confront the fact and stage this world’s largest event even if it was already hit with terrorism before. Its main concentration will be in making sure that London, the Olympic participants and the many fans will be safe in the village and throughout the event. London is very well known for having the big brother society having lots of CCTV cameras around. In fact, it has the most number of CCTVs per person compared to any other city around the globe. The minister, Ms. Tessa Jowell, gave her assurance that the security levels will remain consistent and that there will be absolutely no risks to safety of anyone during the Olympics.

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There is also assurance from Government that they will not be lacking in both technology and human capital in ensuring that the security will be more than adequate. It is unimaginable if something bad happens to hundreds of thousands of people who will be present during these events. London assures the world that it is doing more than the necessary level of preparations. They are doing everything to ensure that terrorism will not be trying on robbing London to celebrate the games of 2012, as said by the sources.

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