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London for Culture Vultures

London museums have something for everyone. If you love art and design, you may choose to visit the world renowned Victoria and Albert Museum that displays over 5000 years of classical relics and works of art. In fact, the Victoria and Albert is the world’s largest museums dedicated solely to the decorative arts; its collection exceeds 4 million pieces, meaning you might have to stay in your London hotel for more than a night if you want to see everything on display!

However, you may prefer to check out some more contemporary works. The Tate Modern opened its doors on London’s South Bank in 2000. Housed in a disused power station, the Tate Modern exhibits international modern and contemporary artwork; the impressive structure of the building provides the museum with a dramatic location for the display of many prominent works of art, notably from the expressionist, minimalist, cubist and abstract movements. Furthermore, there are many cheap London hotels ideally situated for visiting the Tate Modern, along with the first of the Tate galleries, the Tate Britain.

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The Tate Britain differs from its younger counterpart as its exhibitions display art from as early as the 16th century to the present day. The mixture of historic and modern art really provides any visitor with a unique understanding of British art and culture throughout the ages. Similarly, the National Portrait Gallery serves as an exceptional record of many of Britain’s most famous faces. From royalty and aristocracy, through to literary geniuses and modern icons of music, stage and screen, this London museum displays some of the world’s best known portraiture.

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