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One Day in London

First on you list should be Westminster Abbey, if you can get there for 9.30 you will beat the rush and be able to walk round in peace. The Abbey is a shrine of the nation and most of the countries Kings and Queens have been crowned there and many buried there as well.

Since the 11th century, the Houses of Parliament have been home to the country’s government and are a truly remarkable landmark that has seen Britain through centuries of colonising, war and prosperity. The building is watched over by ‘Big Ben’, the worlds most famous timepiece, why not set your watch to it.

video link: https://wp.me/p8HeNY-5yH

Continuing along the political route you can walk down the road to Downing Street, unfortunately you can no longer walk down it but if you’re lucky you may see someone important getting past the hoards of policemen and security officials. Other than that its hardly palatial but at least you can say you were there.
If you continue north you will reach the hub of London, Trafalgar Square. Home to Nelson’s tower it is the scene to many a demonstration. Once plagued by pigeons, each year thousands of party goers descend on this square to ring in the New Year’s Eve.

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