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What Many Don’t Know About Stockholm

Stockholm has always been regarded as a gorgeous city. It is gorgeous because it can rank highly among many of the beautiful cities around the world like Paris, New York or even London. It beauty sparks from her many waterways, numerous parklands and her being known as cultural and economic center of Sweden. When people that have been there describe Stockholm they often refer to her as the Venice of the North. A trip to Stockholm for your next holiday will be one you will leave to remember; the cheap hotels in Stockholm will also make your stay a memorable milestone.

As you would find out there are so many places of interest to visit while you are in Stockholm. A short holiday of just one week will still give you all that you’ll need to have a holistic memory of the city.

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And interestingly, as I might have mentioned earlier you don’t need to think of a huge budget for your trip to the Venice of the North. A financial plan of under $1000 could do the magic; for this price you could get cheap flights and hotels to Stockholm and you would also pay visits to the interesting places in the city. More so the temperature could be considered mild even throughout the year despite her northerly latitude. Places to visit include the following;

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