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Septic System Maintenance

I have always liked homes with septic systems and well water rather than sewers and city water. That is because I like living farther out than cities can economically run water mains and sewers. I also like the idea of being of being independent of government bureaucracy as much as possible. I have never had a problem with my septic system. Part of the reason is that it was properly laid out and installed and part of it is that I maintain it.

Here is what works for me:

1. I have my septic system inspected every year. This is cheap insurance against a major problem requiring major surgery, meaning major money. Also, I never open up the tank cover and neither should you. (unless you are an expert) There is bad stuff down there. I let the pros do their thing.

2. Faucet drips and toilets that keep on running are fixed ASAP. Too much water is not a positive for septic systems.

3. I have diverted my downspouts so they drain away from the septic field.

video link: http://wp.me/p8HeNY-3v2

4. Septic systems are not compost piles. I do not dump my coffee grounds, leftovers or food down the drain.

5. Septic systems are not meant to dispose of tampons, litter, the kitty or people kind, or trash.

6. Without getting too preachy, bring your car’s used oil to a disposal station, rather than putting it down the drain. The same goes for cooking oil, toxic chemicals, paint, and poison. Duh!

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