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Three Spots Where to Take Time Off in Paris

One of my favorite pleasures when I am in Paris is to take some time off, pick up a good book, and hole up some place where I can be left alone with my old self. If you feel the same, these are three of my fave spots to do just that.

The China House

In America when we think of a social venue where to spend a couple of hours reading and sipping on some hot beverage, the local Starbucks shop comes to mind almost immediately. Starbucks is slowly building a beach head in Europe where Italian coffee dominates the espresso market, leaving very little room for the kind of brew Starbucks sells.

video link: https://wp.me/p8HeNY-55A

In other words, Starbucks shops do not abound in Paris. But there are many other venues of the sort, and sometimes much better ones. The China House (La Maison de la Chine) belongs to this latter category.

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