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A Living Legacy of Two Legends

Michael Jackson-gone and yet eternalized by what he did best- singing, dancing, entertaining. He was masterful in his realm, breaking new ground in the industry as a child star, an African-American and stellar performer. His self-expression was strong, defined and uniquely his own while in his element.

Notice, however, how many troubles he had outside his field of specialization. There his unusual behavior and meek expression hid a tortured soul. And yet, despite many people having some discomfort with a number of his eccentricities, we are observing the depth of public outpouring on hearing the shocking news of his untimely death yesterday. Way beyond what anyone, especially he, would have predicted. So what’s going on here? Why does this grip us so?

The last time I experienced something like this was August 1997.  It happens I was on a teaching course in London the week after Princess Diana died. Ironically, it was held at the Kensington Palace Hotel, right across the street from Diana’s residence, Kensington Palace.  You simply wouldn’t believe the palpable grief, angst and cathartic outpouring of sentiment as the rows and rows of flowers amassed daily, heartfelt poems were strung on the fence rails and candlelight vigils held with complete strangers hugging, crying and exchanging reminiscences. Now, we’re talking mostly Brits here-proper, stiff-upper-lip, reserved Brits actually hugging strangers.  This was most out of the ordinary!

Both Princess Diana and Michael Jackson had their much exposed and chronicled lives tragically cut short, for one thing. In part, people unleashed sentiment at lost opportunity; what could have been.

But there’s more.

While people want to side with winners, and in their realm of ‘sacred gifts’ both Diana and Michael were winners, they were also both tortured souls. Somehow people resonate with that, even if we don’t understand it rationally. So many of us today are living lives of ‘quiet desperation’, barely surviving in work and relationships that don’t satisfy that deep inner part of us that affirms our own worth. Some say it’s the great hidden malady of our time- to be doing work or in relationships lacking soul. This denial of inner and outer congruence is what causes the pain leading to erratic behavior. And that’s what is seen and made judgment on by others, not understanding the underlying cause. (Think Britney Spears…) Even so, we feel it and feel an empathetic connection on some level.

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As part of my contribution to this very real issue, I’m developing a Master Class workshop combining Creative Living and Living Legacy, where we explore and develop your gifts and talents for your own edifying life path then contribute beyond yourself to live your legacy going forward.  Don’t wait until your deathbed to live and give as you truly, and often secretly, want to. Rather, engage your life-force, skills, talents and networks now to live your legacy going forward. Discover how to tap into your heart’s desire and find out what resources and opportunities are already available to help you help others in the community of your choice, starting now.

Meanwhile, I invite you to catch some of the shows highlighting Michael Jackson’s performance excellence, then notice when you are at your finest. Notice when you are in ‘the zone of excellence’ for yourself.  Then tune in to which of your own unique gifts and skills you are employing, and which might be left out.

That’s a good start as you Step Out and Step Up!
And may he rest in peace: Michael Jackson 1958-2009

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