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Tips When Hosting Your New Year’s Eve Party

There is nothing quite like the excitement of planning a New Years Eve party. It is surely going to be a memorable event no matter if you are celebrating at party venues in London or in the comfort of your own home. There are a few things to keep in mind when planning your party and if you get a head start on the preparations, then you will save yourself a lot of headaches and stress later down the line.

A New Years Eve party is not complete without a guest list. Keep in mind that many people make their plans for this special occasion several weeks or even months in advance. The city venues on this special day play an important factor as well.

Some cities have very elaborate fireworks displays and New Years Eve hotel deals that require people to register very early. When planning a party in the comfort of your home, you will want to send out the invitations, at a minimum, the first week of December.

Yes, this is a time of year when most people are sending out greeting cards, but you want to plan your guest list early. Always include an RSVP card and follow up with phone calls and emails to confirm attendance.

The next step to planning your New Years Eve party is deciding on if you will have a theme. Some people enjoy having theme or masquerade parties. It adds a festive quality to the special event of ringing in a brand new year. Besides the idea of a theme party, you will also need to determine if you will be serving alcohol.

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If there is alcohol served, then you want to either arrange for guests to stay the night or arrange for taxi service. The most important factor is never allowing a person to drive when they have consumed an alcoholic beverage. This should be a time for festivities, not tragedies.

Keep the menu simple. Everyone should have fun and this includes you. Finger foods are an excellent way to allow guests to mingle and have scrumptious appetizers that do not require sitting down to eat.

Most parties include alcohol, but you also want to provide plenty of non-alcoholic drinks for those who are designated drivers or do not believe in imbibing. Travel New Years Eve is about arriving safe and sound, so once again, make sure there are designated drivers or sleeping arrangements for people who will be staying with you. This factor cannot be reiterated enough.

2007 New Years Eve is a big event. The New Year’s ball in Times Square will be making its drop. It is a brand new ball that will slowly show the world that New York has jumped into the New Year. Others will follow and even within your home New Years Eve party, merrymaking will be occurring as people blow their horns, twirl their tassels and get ready to greet the New Year.

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