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2007 Malta Air Show Scheduled For Autumn

The skies of Malta will welcome the Malta Air Show 2007 later this year, with display teams from across Europe, the US and possibly Canada participating.

The air show traditionally comes late in the Malta holidays season, and is a welcome late boost for the island’s tourist industry with aviation enthusiasts descending for the weekend.

Despite some complaints from residents about noise and safety levels, the air show does produce publicity and income for the holiday and Malta hotels industry, which in previous years has been a welcome addition to the island’s fortunes as visitor numbers have slipped away.

video link: https://wp.me/p8HeNY-4ZE

The 2006 event was a truly international one, as well as the Armed Forces of Malta participating, the French, Italian, Dutch Swiss and Spanish all had planes and crew in attendance, plus the British Royal Air Force and US Air Force.

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