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Top 10 Places to See Before You Die

Making lists of things to do before we turn 25 or things to own before 30 are a thing of the past. With cheap flights going all over the world, it’s time to bring out your pens and papers and plan that holiday to a spot you thought you couldn’t afford. Holiday season is around the corner, but where are the spots you absolutely must see before you die. Let’s take a look…

Known as the honeymoon capital, the Falls have attracted explorers, tourists and film makers alike over the years and it still remains one of the top destinations to see.

Approachable on the American and Canadian side, the best view is accessible from Ontario, Canada and a boat ride on the maid-of-the-mist is a must to get the full experience.

video link: https://wp.me/p8HeNY-4Sj

With the newlywed royal couple renting their own Island in Seychelles, this stunning beach spot has gained new found interest among tourists.

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