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3 Great Europe Holiday Places

England is a great country to visit especially if you go on a day when it is not raining and the skies are clear (which is not always easy as it rains so much). In England you can visit London where many tourist visits every day and there are plenty of top sites to see such as the Houses of Parliament, Big Ben, Buckingham Palace, The Tower of London and many more.

Away from London there are some great places that offer a much greater insight to Old English culture such as Stratton upon Avon which is referred to as Shakespeare’s Town where you can visit old English buildings. The town itself is a beautiful town which really will impress any foreign visitor with its very historical appeal.

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The hotels in England are plentiful and vary in budget depending on what you are after. If you do look for accommodation in Stratton upon Avon then be sure to stay in an Old English hotel as this is an experience that you will really enjoy.

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