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Exploring Camden

Camden is a fabulous place waiting to be explored whilst staying in cheap hotels in London. Part of central London, Camden is easily accessible from many areas all over the width and breadth of London on the tube or by bus or taxi. Known for its fantastic market area and eclectic range of shops, Camden is the perfect place for any shopaholic or tourist looking for an ‘unconventional’ London. Home of Amy Winehouse and many other rock stars alike, this fantastic hub of delight is waiting to be explored. This area of London is fantastic as it covers a whole range of budgets from pocket change to hundreds of pounds.

Camden’s foremost speciality is its shopping. With many cheap hotels in London close by, families and couples alike can easily find time to spend a day or afternoon here shopping. As you enter the main high street from the underground, the tourist will be amazed at the variety of shops. From the traditional high street stores such as ‘All Saints’ ‘Boots’ and HSBC banks, head north and you will find everything from tattoo parlours independent boutiques. Further down the road comes what Camden is most famous for, its market.

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Unlike traditional markets, the market running on the left of the river is undercover and is filled with beautiful and unique stalls selling everything from incense, phone charms, handmade jewellery, crafts, ornaments, printed clothing and more. There is a vast variety of items for every budget and Camden is fantastic for finding really unique items that are not mass produced. Whilst you are visiting London, Camden is a fantastic place waiting to be explored.

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