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6 Steps to Finding and Selecting the Right Windshield Repair Company

Looking for any type of repair service can definitely be a daunting task, and a windshield repair company is no exception. As soon as you begin researching your options, you will notice huge differences in price. Of course, the first question in your head is “why is there such a huge price difference?!” and “should I be worried if I go with a cheaper option?“.

Well, to answer the second question first, yes and no. If it is really a CHEAPER option, then yes. If it is just a less expensive option, all while maintaining the same level of quality, then you may not need to worry. So, “how do I know?!” you are probably asking. First, and foremost, if you are looking for the least expensive, but reliable option, check to make sure that they have a business license (yes, there are many that don’t). Do they have liability insurance? This is very important, especially since we are talking about the windshield of your car, which is a big safety concern!

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Lastly, do they have a physical shop location? Well, you may ask, is that really necessary if they have they are licensed and insured? While not necessarily 100 percent necessary, it is definitely good for two reasons. One, it shows the business is probably established enough to be able to afford a shop (which is not cheap), and even more importantly, you have somewhere to go if something is wrong with the repair afterwards!

Okay, so you have picked a few windshield repair shops that meet those three criteria, but there are still big differences. Why? At this point there are three more areas to evaluate. The first two are direct impact on necessary overhead. Number one is the size of the building that they have, and the location. Obviously, a large, 30,000 sq/ft building has a way larger overhead, than say a 4-5k sq/ft shop. Number two is, what is the brand of windshield that they will be installing. Just like anything, there are premium brands, and less expensive brands. Just keep in mind, that while there are some benefits to premium glass, the less expensive versions still meet safety requirements, and all glass will break if struck be a hard object.

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