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Romantic Vienna – City Of High Culture And Old World Charm

Less well known as a romantic destination than the somewhat clichéd Paris – the Austrian capital of Vienna is one of the most beautiful, sophisticated and vibrant cities of the world. Its blend of historical and cultural heritage mixed with majestic boulevards, medieval streets and ornate courtyards, radiates old world charm and magic.

But it’s not just architecture that makes Vienna a prime spot for a romantic getaway; the cobbled streets are lined with superb Viennese coffee houses, from where you can try an Austrian fruit tea and the city’s famous pastries. Wander onwards and you’ll find cosmopolitan shops, museums and fantastic restaurants to wine and dine in. Try the traditional Wiener schnitzel or beef goulash, both staple dishes in Vienna, or perhaps grab a Wiener from a Wustelstand as you walk past.

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For the evenings, why not sample an opera, ballet or concert? Vienna boasts a proud musical heritage and has produced a number of renowned artistic geniuses, such as Schubert, Brahms and Mozart. There are hundreds of bars, clubs and music venues across the city offering countless opportunities to enjoy classical concerts – but make sure you book in advance, as performances at major venues sell out fast!

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