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ZOMM Cell Phone Finder

One of the most common accessories a person carries is the cell phone. It certainly is no surprised that they can get lost. They come in such miniature designs these days, that keeping track of them sometimes can be a little difficult.

Cell Phones and Smart phones aren’t cheap either. You may have paid $49 for yours with a 2-year contract, but ladies and gentlemen, that is a subsidy provided by the handset manufacturer, enticing you to get their phone and the service from their preferred carrier. If you ever lose it and don’t have phone Insurance, you know that a replacement is outrageously priced…like in the $500 range.

In addition to purchasing phone insurance, ZOMM is offering a device that is much more affordable and practical. The Zomm is an ingenious device that keeps you from parting with your cellphone, no matter how forgetful you are. After you’ve paired ZOMM with your mobile phone, you can attach ZOMM to yourself or your key chain, and as soon as you stray too far from the phone, it will start to vibrate and eventually sound the alarm.

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ZOMM can also be programmed to call the local emergency number, from anywhere in the world, when you press its panic button. Zomm also doubles as a speakerphone. “Mobile phones are packed full of personal information and confidential business communication, so losing one is a nightmare for most people,” said Henry Penix, co-founder of ZOMM. “My wife originally thought of ZOMM to prevent our family from leaving our phones at restaurants or coffee shops. With the added features of call notification and personal security, it became a “must-have” companion for every mobile phone we own.”

ZOMM is smaller than a normal electronic car key and easily attaches to a key ring. It fits comfortably in your pocket or purse and can even attach to a piece of clothing or workout gear. Similar in diameter to a poker chip, ZOMM features a single button for ease of use, LED lights for visual notifications, a microphone for two-way communications and a speaker for audible alerts including full speakerphone functionality.

As a wireless leash to your mobile phone, ZOMM sends an alert if you ever accidentally leave your mobile phone behind. With call notification, ZOMM will vibrate, flash lights and provide a sound alert for incoming calls when your mobile phone is out of sight; in a purse, gym bag or in a noisy environment. To answer a call just press a button and ZOMM is a fully functioning speakerphone. To send to voice mail, just press the multifunction button twice.

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