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London Hotels – The City

The part of London referred to as “The City” is an area covering roughly one square mile densely populated with offices. It’s home to the Bank of England and London Stock Exchange. The City is London’s business and finance hub, so if you’ve come here to work in those industries it makes sense to look for a City hotel. London luckily has some interesting new developments in both accommodation and entertainment venues in the area. The City has a resident population of about 8,000 but with approximately 340,000 workers flooding the area from Monday to Friday, it can get pretty crowded!

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It’s worth knowing where to look for a hotel. London’s Square Mile’s borders are roughly from Westminster in the west, crossing the Victoria Embankment, then up to High Holborn and Aldersgate in the north. To the east, the entire Barbican Estate is part of The City, as is Moorgate. The Tower of London is excluded, even though the southern border of The City is in the middle of the Thames and includes London Bridge. Look for the black bollards with the City’s emblem – a dragon holding a shield bearing the St George’s cross – which mark the borders of London’s Square Mile.

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