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What’s in Your Backpack? 10 Must-Have Items for Trail Runners

Trail running is a great way to get a good workout and take in the beauty of all that nature has to offer — however, it doesn’t come without risks. One of the biggest differences between trail running and road running is that you need be prepared for the unexpected, as you could find yourself miles (or hours) away from help. While no one likes to think about getting injured or having an encounter with wildlife, it is also not advisable to go off into the woods unprepared and find yourself stuck in some kind of predicament.

To help other trail runners, I have compiled a list of a few must-have items that you should consider packing before you hit the trails:

1. “The Storm” Safety Whistle

This whistle is one of the loudest you can buy. It’s slightly larger than the average whistle but it emits a deafening sound which will startle and scare away stray dogs, bears, coyotes or other wildlife, as well as human predators.

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It can also be used to alert rescue personnel to your location if you are injured and unable to hike your way out to safety. This is a small investment for peace of mind. The Storm Whistle is available on Amazon.

2. Sharpie Mini Permanent Marker

Throw this in your pack and hope you never need it. However, if the unfortunate happens and you get bit by a snake or stung by an insect or spider, this will give medical professionals useful information to help determine the severity of the wound and proper course of treatment. Draw a circle around the bite or sting and then write the time it happened next to the circle. It can be lifesaving!

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