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50cc Scooter – A Fuel Efficient Vehicle

A 50 cc scooter is a mode of transportation; it is propelled by a small engine and typically has two wheels. It has handle bars that the rider uses to steer the scooter and usually the throttle and starter system is housed within the handle bars. They were designed in Europe as a means of safe, efficient and cheap transportation. They are used widely across Europe today. They are favored for their ease of parking and as a way to zip through city traffic with little effort. They are very fuel efficient.


The number one benefit of buying and using a 50cc scooter is of course the money saved by using one. These little gems get up to 100 mile per gallon thanks to modern technology. There is also savings in that in all the states of the United States this size scooter is not regulated. Which means it does not have to be insured, you do not have to be licensed to drive it and it calls for no state registration. These are all huge savings factors. A scooter is better for the environment than a car or other vehicle. Because of the smaller engine size and the amount of fuel savings using a vehicle such as this is much kinder to the environment than using a full size vehicle. They are easier to park which is ideal in the urban areas. They can be parked on the sidewalks in the city. They are fun to ride. They give the rider a sense of freedom. You are not bound by the traffic that is around you.

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They do not provide any protection from the weather. They also do not provide any protection from accidents or spills. They are much like a motorcycle and are not enclosed at all there is no safety features whatsoever. They are not really made to be used on the open highway, the top speed is usually limited to around 45 miles per hour. The speed restriction is really prohibitive for long rides on highways, freeways and other open roads. They are ideally suited for urban areas and suburban areas but are not really practical to travel from one area to another. They are ideally designed for short trips of around 40-50 miles. They are not really geared toward trips beyond that. A 50cc scooter can be the answer to saving some energy and going on short jaunts. They are ideal transport for urban settings and to travel back and forth to work in good weather. The prices are very reasonable and a good model can be purchased for less than five hundred dollars. Wearing a helmet will reduce the risk of injury and other safety practices should be employed especially in traffic situations.

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