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So, You Want a Website, But Are You Ready For One?

So, you want a website, but are you ready for one? Okay, so you have a business, you’re gonna need a website, right? The question is, Do you really want to pay for a website designed by a professional? Professionals aren’t cheap. They purchase the latest software for web/graphic design, which costs them THOUSANDS of dollars. They learn to deal with uniformed people on a regular basis that say things like, “How did that take 2 hours, my sister says she could have done that in 2 minutes?”

Tip 1:

Get your sister to do your website if you aren’t comfortable paying a graphic/web designer $100+/hour. This is what they charge. Anyone doing it for less hasn’t been doing it long enough to deliver everything you want and once they figure out that they are undercharging you (and they will), you will be shocked when you go back for edits.

Tip 2:

Sign a contract, know if your designer gives you rights to the native files, know if your designer gets paid even if you decide not to use their design, protect yourself and your designer.

video link: http://wp.me/p8HeNY-3S7

Tip 3:

Trust the expertise of your designer, some of the ugliest designs out there are because the client got too involved.

Tip 4:

Trust the expertise of your designer, unless you know all about computers, the internet, programming, designing, etc., expect that sometimes unexpected things happen with servers, files, programs, downloads, uploads, glitches, errors, you will be charged for it if it isn’t the designers fault. When they spend time fixing something of yours, you pay for it, even if it is not directly related to your project. If they have to drive and talk to your printer, if your file is corrupted and they have to ask your previous designer for a new copy, the clock is ticking.

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