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Traffic School Online – What You Really Need To Know Guide

Yes, I’m a pretty good driver. In fact I grew up in a town where cars–hot rods and trucks and the like–were respected, if not revered. I had undergone my training in a driver education program at a high school that had the knowledge of wintry weather and expected the need for definite driving skills that surpassed those persons living in sunny states.. perhaps for instance driving on ice, snow, sleet etc.

In spite of being quick and hyper-alert, though I love to drive a good fast car, in all my driving years (which equals about thirty-one years); I have only had three traffic violations: the first one was when I was 16 years I had got a speeding ticket, trying to beat curfew; the second one for a no seat belt ticket, when I was pulled over because a headlamp was out; and got a red light violation one night when I much aware but wanted to get home after working continuously all day and all night at a college an hour and a half away from where I lived.

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But alas last week, having just relocated to a new town only recently- in the last few months- I got pulled over yet again for speeding. For sure, I was a bit startled, personally I feel I was not speeding, but was doing 44 in a part of town where, I have since studied, the signs go from 35 to 25 to 35 to 25 (in one spot TWO SIGNS, one for 35 AND one for 25 are together?????)…almost like a speed trap set-up, if you ask me.

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