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10 Ways to Save by Going Green

Going Green Saves you Money

1. Reduce transportation costs. The average cost of car ownership now exceeds $9,000 per year when all expenses are added together. From getting better mileage or adjusting insurance coverage, getting a bike or using public transportation to simply walking are all ways to reduce this expense. If you are in a two or more car household eliminate one and see how you get around. Share a ride with another and split the ownership costs. You can even rent your vehicle to make some income. Begin a delivery service, so others don’t have to drive and have them pay for your expenses.

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2. Cooking at home ranks high on the list because eating out is expensive, a mystery at times and mostly unhealthy when fast food is considered. Having the ability to control what you eat influences your entire day. Natural foods, organics, and sustainable food products abound and many may be purchased in bulk and ordered over the internet, therefore saving you time while expanding your selections. By baking a bit extra you may be able to earn some cash by selling the extra to a local coffee shop or deli.

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