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How to Organize a Low Budget Wedding Reception

With the current economic crisis, most of the couples have postponed their wedding plans. However, with little negotiations and effort, you can surely plan a wedding ceremony within your budget. It is important to set priorities and use all the resources in an efficient way while planning for a wedding. Following are some tips that will help you organize a low budget wedding reception:

1. Look for discount packages: Most of the people think that holding a reception party at home will be less expensive. They don’t take into consideration the money that will be spent on renting tables, chairs, chefs and many other things. So it is always a wise decision to look around in community centers, hotels, churches, restaurants etc.

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2. Invitations: Most of the people spend lots of money on printing invitation cards for the guests. Why not email a wedding card? Why not make your own invitations with scrapbook paper and show off your artistic skills? You can find lots of ideas and templates online and make less expensive & unique invitation cards for your guests.

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