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Cologne Short Breaks

Cologne is the city of Germany which is situated on the river Rhine. The river passes from Paris to Germany with lots of road connectivity. This city is also known as the largest commercial city of Europe. Cologne is famous world wide because of its Cologne University which was established in 1388 and for its churches. Cologne is also known for its social media as such the various famous radio and television stations are located here. The most popular festival of comedy is also held on this land of Europe.

The Cologne Cathedral: -Cologne Cathedral is significantly known for its architecture and work of art. Here you will get acquainted with so many towers and monuments

Rhine Boat Trips: -In Cologne Boating is the best way for the entertainment. You will enjoy the boating and waves of Rhine River.

video link: https://wp.me/p8HeNY-4VG

Old town:-In the old town you will see government buildings all around, statue. Fountains and musical concert halls.

Roman-German Museum: -This place is worth seeing as it will offer you to have a look on antique things which are 4 century old.

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